Thoughtspot: 2021 Fantasy Football Data

Search and analyze all of the stats and plays for this season and dominate your league


Whether a casual fan of football, an NFL analyst, or an avid fantasy football devotee, ThoughtSpot can provide you with an incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful, way to analyze the world of professional football. While this data is available for SQL queries, it has been modeled with ThoughtSpot in mind. Using ThoughtSpot with this data set will provide you with a variety of statistics by just simple search, the same way you’d search for videos on YouTube or a new pair of socks on Amazon. Granular NFL play-by-play data to give you that fantasy football edge, all accessible by search… it doesn’t get any better than this!

When you use this data set with Thoughtspot, you will receive a single zip file to upload that will take care of all of the data modeling and metadata generation necessary to start searching your data immediately. Additionally, you will receive three pinboards (dashboards) that contain the latest statistics for quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. Please check out for more information.

The data set consists of 7 tables, all of which are updated automatically after every day of NFL action.

Tables Included:
-PBP – Up-to-date Detailed play-by-play data from the 2021 season.
-PBP_PASSING – Statistical data from every pass play (from the passer perspective).
– PBP_RECEIVING – Statistical data from every receiving play (from the receiver perspective).
-PBP_RUSHING – Statistical data from every rushing play.
-ROSTER – A list of every single fantasy-relevant player who has played a snap during the 2020 season.
-SCHEDULE – The 2021 season game schedule.
-TEAMS – A list of all 32 professional football teams.

Example Use Case:
Use the fantasy football data set to make critical decisions about roster changes and who to start or sit on a game-by-game basis. Are your starting running backs rushing for less yards per game every week? Which tight end would be the best choice for streaming next week? Which receiver on my favorite team is averaging the most targets per game?

About the Provider:

The world’s most innovative enterprises use ThoughtSpot to empower every person in their organization, from C-suite executive to front-line employee, with the ability to quickly uncover data-driven insights. With ThoughtSpot, business people can type a simple search to instantly analyze billions of rows of data, and leverage artificial intelligence to get trusted, relevant insights pushed to them as answers to thousands of questions they might not have thought to ask.

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