Thinknum Alternative Data: Job Listings Data

Generate real-time insights about hiring activities of thousands public and private companies worldwide


Thinknum Alternative Data’s “Job Listings” dataset allows users to better understand the hiring plans of an individual company. By tracking who and where a company is looking to hire, this dataset serves as an indicator of whether a company is growing or contracting.

Thinknum Alternative Data covers all public companies worldwide and is continuously expanding coverage of private companies in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Our job listings dataset has over 5 years of history and is updated daily. With Thinknum’s software users can query, analyze and visualize the data in real time to understand not only growth and decline but also hiring trends per job category, gender bias, job locations and more.

Samples/tables included:

  • Historical job listings data from 2015-Present
  • Data coverage on over 10,000 public and private companies

Fields Included:

  • Date Posted
  • Job Listing Details (title, description, category)
  • City, Country
  • Ticker, CUSIP, ISIN

Example Use Case:

By tracking company’s hiring per job category and location over time, you can identify shifts in corporate strategy, market expansion and overall growth.

Here are a few questions that can be answered with job listings data:

  • What are the software companies that are growing and hiring the most?
  • How hiring patterns at a company are changing overtime?
  • How are your competitors hiring (what, where, when, how much)?
  • What job titles are the most in-demand?
Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Thinknum is an alternative web data platform tracking thousands of websites, capturing and indexing vast amounts of public data such as job listings data, store locations data, car inventory data, social media data and many more. Our dataset library covers over 450,000+ public and private companies globally across all sectors and market capitalizations. These time series are updated daily allowing for timely tracking of business operations on a granular level which is predictive of company performance, corporate strategy and more.

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