Thinknum Alternative Data: Car Inventory

Daily inventories at all major online dealerships through vehicles’ unique VIN numbers.


Thinknum’s “Car Inventory” dataset tracks the inventory of all major online dealerships. Since each vehicle has a unique identification number, users are able to see when a vehicle is added or removed from a dealerships inventory. Tracking the number of vehicles leaving inventory is predictive of a dealership’s sales figures.

Sample Tables:
-Daily car inventory data of all major online dealerships (43 public, 15 private)

Fields Included:
-Car Make
-Car Model
-Fuel Type
-Days in Stock
-20 additional fields

About the Provider:

Thinknum is an alternative web data platform tracking thousands of websites, capturing and indexing vast amounts of public data such as job listings data, store locations data, car inventory data, social media data and many more. Our dataset library covers over 450,000+ public and private companies globally across all sectors and market capitalizations. These time series are updated daily allowing for timely tracking of business operations on a granular level which is predictive of company performance, corporate strategy and more.

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