ThinkData Works: Market Development Index

Canadian Demographic, Sociographic, Income and Household data modelled to postal code


ThinkData Works Market Development Index (MDI) dataset is a panoramic snapshot of Canada’s population that comprises over 2000 variables across more than one million postal codes. Unlike traditional solutions that offer throttled queries to proprietary datasets, MDI is provided with no restrictions: it can be accessed as a whole dataset or through custom slices using SQL-based queries. The MDI serves as a base layer for dynamic and complementary datasets from ThinkData’s Marketplace or elsewhere that go beyond the census; create a comprehensive, enriched data product to power analytics and AI.

Tables Included:
– Basic demographics
– Household / Dwelling Characteristics
– Education
– Employment & Income
– Languages, Culture & Origin

Fields Included:
– Population by age, sex, and marital status
– Dwelling size and composition
– Highest degree level, field and location of study
– Income received, employment status, employment type and industry
– Languages spoken, cultural background & ethnography

Example Use Case:
Use the MDI datasets to create user profiles at the postal code level, or as the base layer for visualizations or to combine with internal transaction data (banking, healthcare spending, usage statistics) to gain insight into users and non-users of your product or service.

About the Provider:

ThinkData Works Inc. makes accessing data from anywhere easy. By creating the most efficient solution to stream data from any public or private source in the world, ThinkData’s platform, Namara, enables data scientists to access more data, offload prep and processing overhead onto automated pipelines, and significantly increase the confidence they have in plugging new data into products, models and solutions.

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