ThinkData Works: COVID-19 Canadian Outbreak

A daily refreshed feed of Covid-19 case counts by Province and Regional Health Boundaries


The Covid-19 Canadian Outbreak Tracker is gathered from several public data sources to provide a complete overview of the current status of covid-19 in Canada. It includes cumulative case count, number of recoveries and tests administered, and population breakdown by age group.


** Track the outbreak in real time by public health unit (PHU) and province
** Map total infection counts over rates of recovery to better understand how regions are managing the crisis
** Identify regions with high risk populations and monitor their case counts
** Discover correlations between total tests and total confirmed cases
** Explore causal connections between area demographics and infection levels


** Structured data provides historical view to allow querying over time to see changes
** Can be used concurrently with other Covid-19 datasets including Johns Hopkins, daily WHO Situation Reports, Canadian Covid-19 Tracker, Canadian Covid-19 Open Data Working Group, and local and federal sources
** Age increments in 5 year groups make exploring how a region’s demographic makeup affects outcomes


** Updated hourly
** Public health unit breakdown by 5 year age increments
** Historical tail from April, 2020


** Unlimited API access
** Thousands of open data sets that can be used concurrently with outbreak data
** Professional services to help integrate the data

About the Provider:

ThinkData Works Inc. makes accessing data from anywhere easy. By creating the most efficient solution to stream data from any public or private source in the world, ThinkData’s platform, Namara, enables data scientists to access more data, offload prep and processing overhead onto automated pipelines, and significantly increase the confidence they have in plugging new data into products, models and solutions.

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