The Ark: National Deceased Register

Deceased Identification File for the UK


The National Deceased Register is a dataset containing the name and address details of deceased individuals who lived in the United Kingdom. Details of the deceased have been captured from 1995 to date and are provided to allow companies to identify customers who has passed away.

The National Deceased Register can be used to suppress customers from marketing campaigns or identify potential fraud and confirm identity.

This data contains the following fields:
– Title
– Forename
– Middle Name / Initial
– Surname
– Address lines 1 – 5
– Postcode

About the Provider:

We are data quality specialists. We passionately believe that the foundation of any successful business depends on the quality of its customer database and that process starts with having clean, accurate and reliable data. The consequences of relying on out-of-date data can be serious and far reaching – inaccurate data no longer only impacts on customer relationships and strategic business decisions; it is also now a compliance requirement that carries the risk of severe financial penalties.

Our leading data products and services, National Deceased Register and Re-mover provide super-fast data cleansing and hygiene tools to ensure your data is clean and up to date. Both files are highly accurate and comprehensive and are suitable for customer identification, marketing suppressions and fraud applications to guarantee your data is market ready and fully compliant.

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