Tensing: Dutch Addresses & Buildings Registration (BAG)

Addresses and buildings in the Netherlands as registered by the municipalities


Tensing provides an user-friendly copy in Snowflake of the official registration of Dutch addresses and buildings.The dataset contains all Dutch addresses and buildings and is derived from the monthly “BAG” delivery provided by Kadaster (the Dutch Cadastral agency). The Dutch municipalities are the data owners of this data and are bound by law to maintain this data and share it as open data via Kadaster.

Sample Tables:
– Registered addresses in the Netherlands
– Registered ‘verblijfsobjecten’, entities with a designated function
– Registered buildings in the Netherlands
and 10 additional tables.

Generic Fields Included:
– Unique identifying code of an object
– Start date of this object
– End date of this object
– Status
– Geometry (original representation)
– Geometry (GeoJSON representation)
– Geography (WGS84 representation)
and additional fields specific for each table.

Additional information:
Tensing delivers this data based upon the original data model of the “BAG”. The location data is available as the original geometry data in the coordinate system “Rijksdriehoekstelsel” and geography type with coordinate system “WGS84”. The last is a transformation of the original. Tensing also provides the geometry type as GeoJSON.

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About the Provider:

Tensing helps you maximize your organization’s data potential. We specialize in Spatial Intelligence solutions, which includes the most powerful technology for Data Integration, Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

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