Tamoco: Smart Visitation Data – limited sample

A limited sample of Tamoco's Smart Visitation Data


Tamoco provides visitation data for 2.7 million Points of Interest (POI) across all major metropolitan areas in the US.

Using high accuracy mobile location data on 200 million + US smartphones, Tamoco is able to accurately attribute this data to POI in order to detail specific POI’s consumers are visiting, when they enter and exit a POI, and what that POI is.

This dataset gives you access to one month worth of data for McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Trader Joe’s POI in the New York Met areas.

Tamoco’s full visitation data set is available on request. This is keyed on 4,780 brands, 343 categories, 509 stock tickers, and more, Tamoco’s data can be used for understanding precise visitation at brand, city, owner, corporate entity, or retail category basis.

Tamoco’s store visitation data is made available as a daily feed, which goes back all the way to January 2019. This enables Tamoco to provide a lengthy pre-COVID dataset, as well as enable customers to understand how footfall relatively changed during COVID and how it continues to evolve as we continue to recover.

Whether you’re interested in understanding how small retail environments are performing, or want to track the relative footfall performance of major brands, Tamoco’s Smart Visitation Data has you covered.

Data Fields:
– visit_id
– device_id
– visit_start
– visit_end
– duration
– timezone
– local_hour
– local_date
– poi_id
– poi_name
– poi_lat
– poi_long
– poi_met_area
– poi_street_address
– poi_region
– poi_brand
– poi_owner
– poi_stock_symbol
– poi_stock_exchange
– poi_LEI
– naics_code
– poi_category
– poi_subcategory
– visit_score

About the Provider:

Tamoco helps brands, retailers and organizations make better sense of how consumers move and behave in the real world. Through attributing high quality mobile location data on almost 1 billion smartphones, to 3.5 million Points of Interests Tamoco provides high quality data sets outlining how consumers move in the real world, which Points of Interests they spend time in and what journeys they take in their day to day lives.

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