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The NGL Supply Yearbook is a statistical study for US and Canada gas plants, refineries, and fractionates.


The Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Supply Yearbook has been in production for over 37 years. It is an annual statistical study for US and Canada gas processing plants, refineries, and fractionators from our gas liquids database. As the companion volume to the LPG Almanac, this databook is a series of statistical tables providing a detailed analysis of the current and prior year’s natural gas volumes, petrochemical feedstock & gas to liquids production by region, by plant type by specification products.

– Supports 10 years’ production profile charts by region(state/province), by specification products.
– Supports supply-side econometric modeling

Data/tables included
– General natural gas and natural-gas-liquids industry production data for the US and Canada.
– Detailed fractionator statistical analysis for YOY comparable for the availability of specification products by region (state/province).
– 10 year summary tables by region(state/province), by specification product.
– Gas liquids production by product analyzed by US state and province with totals for both gas producing plants and oil refineries.
– For each state and province an analysis of the prior year’s liquids production by product for gas processing plants, oil refineries and fractionators of external NGL mix.
– Ranking of the key industry players/largest plants by liquids output for the US and Canada with prior years’ liquid production included for Year-Over-Year comparison.
– 8 Year summary average NGL US spot price data and analysis at Mont Belvieu and District 140. Monthly, weekly, and pricing differential provided.

The NGL Supply Yearbook is updated annually and published in December. It is available as an annual subscription purchase.

Fields included:
– Price
– Price Name
– Price Notes
– Indicator
– Indicator Notes
– Units
– Scale
– Frequency
– Date
– Value

About the Provider:

Sulpetro is a data firm specializing in NGL market intelligence and data analytics serving the natural gas sector since 1983 producing the most comprehensive NGL dataset available in the oil & gas marketplace. Our databooks provide market insights to assist your organization in making well-informed investment decisions delivering the highest business value using our proprietary NGL gas liquids supply database.

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