Stonebridge Consulting: EnerPub℠: Oil & Gas Public Data

Open access to oil and gas public data – without the hassle and expense


It’s time to think about oil and gas public data in a new way.

EnerPub℠ offers open access to well and production public data pulled directly from state agencies. EnerPub makes it easy to get and ingest well and production data by:

• Eliminating the time-consuming process of downloading data from agencies
• Standardizing the data tables and attributes across states
• Utilizing existing EnerHub™ technologies to reduce data quality errors

For oil and gas companies, using public data can be frustrating, whether it’s acquired directly from the state agency or from expensive subscriptions with commercial public data providers. It’s a problem operators have endured for decades. With the advent of Big Data processing, however, and the rise of innovative “pay only for what you use” platforms like the Snowflake cloud data platform, maybe it’s time to think about public data in a new way.

EnerPub is a new approach to public data. The product of a collective effort by Stonebridge, our clients, and business partners, EnerPub is designed to change the way oil and gas public data is accessed and used. It is a cloud-based platform, offering open access to curated public data. EnerPub gives operators the ability to ingest that data into their chosen analytical tools.

Use Cases:
• Assess the economics of a well, lease, or field for asset acquisitions
• Gain competitive insights by profiling and comparing nearby wells to your wells
• Evaluate market and competitive landscapes using aggregate production volumes for a given field, county, or Operator

Tables Included:
• COUNTY (comprehensive list of counties within dataset including FIPS code)
• DISTRICT(district details for the state of Texas)
• FIELD (comprehensive list of oil and gas fields)
• FIELD_DISTRICT (unique field identifier for each district)
• LEASE (comprehensive list of well leases)
• OPERATOR (comprehensive list of well Operators)
• PRODUCTION_MONTHS (identifies dates production volume data available)
• PRODUCTION_VOLUMES_FOR_ANALYSIS (lease level production volume data)
• PRODUCTION_VOLUMES_FOR_ANALYSIS_GAS_WELL (well level gas production volumes by month)
• PRODUCTION_VOLUMES_FOR_ANALYSIS_OIL_LEASE (lease level oil production volumes by month)
• ENTITY_HIERARCHY (hierarchy to assist with joins across tables)
• WELL (comprehensive well list and well header details)

Fields Included:
• Over 180 fields included across 12 tables
• Data dictionary can be found here:

About the Provider:

Stonebridge Consulting provides business advisory and technology services for the energy sector—exploration and production, pipeline, field services, power generation and utilities, and alternative. Our industry expertise, proven methodologies, and extensive project IP and solution accelerators enable us to deliver projects faster, generating measurable improvements in operational efficiency and saving project time and cost by as much as 50%.

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