Stirista: New Business Registrations

A weekly refreshed file of new businesses, home and corporate, registered in the United States.


Starting a business is one of the biggest investments an individual can make. Even office furnishings can cost over $4000 per employee. The massive variety of products and services needed to start a business make new businesses one of the most valuable marketing targets you can get—and we know how to reach them. Stirista has the comprehensive information you need to reach over 400,000 new businesses monthly, right when they need your product or service. And most importantly, we update our files weekly and date stamp them to make sure you have the most current information available.

Use the new business data to identify growing areas of business at the zip code level. You can also filter the data further to ensure you are looking at newly registered businesses in a specific vertical. Clients have used this data to promote products that complement SMBs by providing payment and eCommerce support, administrative support, office supplies, etc.

* Month over month new business registrations by commercial and home-based registrations
* State by state breakdown of new businesses registered

* Date
* Zip Code
* Home- vs. Commercial- based business
* Industry
* Business domains

About the Provider:

Stirista is a San Antonio-based marketing solutions company that takes a data-first approach to solving the toughest marketing challenges. Our unique combination of niche data sets, first-rate campaign execution capabilities, and proven IT infrastructure have garnered numerous industry awards, coverage from top-tier publications, and, most importantly, campaign ROIs in the triple digits.

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