Spiceworks Ziff Davis: SWZD B2B Intelligence Data

The Most Actionable B2B Tech Intent Data


Business level intent across 17 million businesses, 188 countries and billions of signals. Intent Scores are calculated from our diverse set of signals featuring research activities and habits, observations of pain points and product life cycles using our innovative behind-the-firewall technology, and their readiness to invest in technology, all broken out into 50 technology segments. It is simple to overlay with your existing datasets, with the functionality to match on the business domain, allowing you to unlock insights about which segments a business is showing a propensity to buy, as well as the brands they are researching, the keywords and sentiment behind the intent. You can understand whether they are looking at a new technology, upgrading existing tech or dealing with technical issues. The SWZD B2B Intelligence database has everything you need to overlay intelligence with your existing Sales & Marketing efforts, allowing you to refine campaign targeting tactics, filter prospect lists, and distinguish businesses that are in the upper, middle or lower phase of the Sales funnel.

Fields Included:

Example Use Case:
Determine which businesses on your account list are ready to invest in Cloud Security and whether they are already leaning towards your brand and whether they are upgrading existing tech or investing in new tech.


About the Provider:

Spiceworks Ziff Davis (SWZD) is a trusted global marketplace that connects technology buyers and sellers with the most actionable and precise intent data. We are uniquely positioned to offer tech brands unmatched visibility into accounts that are truly in-market, by leveraging our scale, quality and diversity of intent data. With unparalleled access to the world’s most influential technology buyers through a combination of first-party (Community, Tools, Editorial) and third-party intent data, SWZD is a leader in intent-backed, intelligent, omnichannel marketing.

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