Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.: SMS Digital Audience Segments for Data Enrichment

Demographic, Lifestyle and Speciality Audiences


The SMS Digital Audience Segments for Data Enrichment is a multi-sourced file of 750 million unique MAIDs, 400 million unique Hashed Emails, and over 95 million Household IP addresses tied to hundreds of consumer attributes including: strong demographics, home profiles, lifestyle interests, purchase history, occupation, auto and other specialty segments.

Available for data enrichment and enhanced insights into consumer behavior that help support data modeling and analytics and a more refined CRM and marketing strategy.

This file is 100% deterministic and is built from hundreds of source types including self-reported surveys, public record, warranties, online directories, recorded deed, and app publishers. File updates monthly.

Sample included fields:
– Maid or Hashed Email
– Age
– Gender
– Household Income
– Presence of Children
– Credit Card Holders
– Donors
– Mail Order Buyers
– Mail Order Responders
– Occupation
– Vehicle Make and Model

For data enrichment use cases, there are 2 options:
– You can send SMS your customer file.
– We will append the fields of interest.
– Send the appended file back to you via data sharing within the Snowflake platform.

Or, you can access the data directly within the Snowflake platform and append the customer file on your end.

Sample Tables:
– Traveling Families with Children
– Single Dads
– Affluent Homeowners

About the Provider:

Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. is a data-driven, multi-channel marketing company that provides strategic customer acquisition services to leading brands, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. As a leading provider of quality offline and online consumer and new mover segments, and with a proven track record in both the direct mail and digital channels, Specialists offers a high level of targeting accuracy at scale across multiple channels.

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