Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.: SMS Consumer Home Profiles (sample)

Demo File for Review


This file includes a small sample of 3,000 records of simulated data that imitate actual data from The SMS Consumer Home Profiles dataset.

SMS Consumer Home Profiles provides information on various home-related metrics such as renters versus homeowners, home value, dwelling type, length of residence, and more. Covering over 150 million households in the USA, each household has hundreds of home-related data points that can be used for both marketing and analytics. Homeowners, for example, are great prospects for furniture and home improvement, mortgage refinancing and home-equity loans, and other home-related products and services. Home value and income levels can be used for both market analysis and segmentation.

This sample file includes a subset of home profiles such as home value, homeowner versus renter, length of residence and dwelling type.

List of Data Fields:
– Consumer Name
– Address
– Home Purchase Amount
– Home Value
– Homeowner
– Renter
– Dwelling Type
– Length of Residence
– Age
– Gender
– Presence of Children
– Ethnicity
– Income

About the Provider:

Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. is a data-driven, multi-channel marketing company that provides strategic customer acquisition services to leading brands, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. As a leading provider of quality offline and online consumer and new mover segments, and with a proven track record in both the direct mail and digital channels, Specialists offers a high level of targeting accuracy at scale across multiple channels.

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