S&P Global: SNL Energy

Operational and financial data on energy companies and assets.


Analyze over 450 power and mid-stream companies including revenue, volume and customer counts by customer class. Revenue and expenses are broken down by operations; production, transmission and distribution.

  • Operational and financial data on US electric and natural gas utilities from the FERC Form 1, FERC Form 2, FERC Form 3, FERC Form 714, EIA 861 and EIA 176 as well as SEC 10Ks and 10Qs
  • US Power plant data from the FERC Form 1, EIA 923, EIA 860, EPA CEMS and NRC
  • Power plant new builds and retirements sourced from research on web sites and contacts at developers or operators
  • US natural gas operational data is from the FERC Form 549B, FERC Form 552, and pipeline companies bulletin boards (EBBs)
  • Coal operational data is sourced from MSHA and EIA 923. Power prices and loads sourced from the following ISOs: Alberata Power Pool, California ISO, ERCOT ISO, ISO New England, New York ISO, Midwest ISO, Ontario ISO, PJM ISO and SPP ISO
Dataset Overview:
  • Primary Entity Type: Physical Asset
  • Coverage Count: 100,000
  • Geographic Coverage: United States and Canada
  • Industry Coverage: Energy and Utilities
  • History Initiated: 1994Data Source: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Energy Information Administration (EIA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Company Electronic Bulletin Boards (EBBs), Independent System Operators (ISOs), State Public Utilities Commission, and more
About the Provider:

S&P Global Market Intelligence understands the importance of accurate, deep and insightful information. The company integrates financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, perform valuations and assess credit risk. Investment professionals, government agencies, corporations and universities around the world use this essential intelligence to make business and financial decisions with conviction.

S&P Global Market Intelligence is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI), the world’s foremost provider of credit ratings, benchmarks and analytics in the global capital and commodity markets, offering ESG solutions, deep data and insights on critical business factors. S&P Global has been providing essential intelligence that unlocks opportunity, fosters growth and accelerates progress for more than 160 years.

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