S&P Global Market Intelligence: Weather Source

A curated continuum of analytics-grade historical, present, forecast and climatology data.


Weather Source offers a single source of truth for hyper-local weather and climate data. In the U.S. alone, weather accounts for more than $600 billion a year in lost revenue. By leveraging Weather Source weather and climate data combined with S&P Global data, you can quantify weather-related risks and trends that impact your portfolio, build parametric asset valuation models, or identify impacts on global supply chains. This data set includes:

– Global weather data organized by Postal Code, including all 40,000+ U.S. ZIP Codes and more than 5.7+ million international Postal Codes.
– Daily and hourly historical data back to 2000 for international Postal Codes and 2007 for U.S. ZIP Codes.
– Daily and hourly forecasts out up to 15 days.
– Climatology data that includes mean and standard deviations of weather for any ZIP or Postal Code at any point in time.

All data is globally uniform and shares common schema and headers, allowing for easy and immediate analysis.

Dataset Overview:
– Coverage Count: 180 countries
– Geographic Coverage: Global
– Industry Coverage: Consumer, Energy and Utilities, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Materials, Real Estate, Technology, Media & Telecommunications
– History Initiated: 2001
– Point in Time: Yes
– Point In Time Details: Record valid time is time stamped for hourly and forecast records


About the Provider:

Your source for premium financial and alternative datasets. With the goal to source, structure, link, and deliver best-in-class data, you’re armed with differentiated and clean data to uncover insights that drive your business forward and make decisions with conviction.

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