S&P Global Market Intelligence: Trucost Environmental Data

Complete environmental performance profiles for over 15,000 companies.


A leader in carbon and environmental data and risk analysis, Trucost assesses risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints, and broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

– Measure the impact, identify exposure and manage the risks and opportunities of environmental performance across different asset classes.
– Access standardized environmental data on more than 15,000 companies in 99 countries that include carbon and pollution emissions, natural resource efficiency and waste disposal and water use.

Dataset Overview:
– Primary Entity Type: Company
– Geographic Coverage: Global
– Industry Coverage: Consumer, Energy and Utilities, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, Materials, Real Estate, Technology, Media & Telecommunications
– History Initiated: 2002
– Data Source: The data comes from a variety of sources, including company annual reports, direct disclosures, scientific literature, and an array of national, international, and industry databases, industry “top-down” data, as well as sector-specific “bottom-up” data.

About the Provider:

Your source for premium financial and alternative datasets. With the goal to source, structure, link, and deliver best-in-class data, you’re armed with differentiated and clean data to uncover insights that drive your business forward and make decisions with conviction.

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