S&P Global Market Intelligence: Panjiva Macro: UN Comtrade

Macro-level trade data offering global import and export coverage.


Panjiva Macroeconomics data offers import and export coverage for 170+ countries. Sourced from UN Comtrade, with this data you can:
– Expand your insights on global trade due to broader coverage than shipment-level records available in many geographies with access to the largest repository of international trade data
– Leverage HS Codes to analyze aggregate trade flows between countries at the commodity level
– Access aggregate metrics for dollar value, weight, and volume of shipments from over 170 countries
– Receive access to the raw data underlying Panjiva’s trendspotting tool

Dataset Overview:
– Primary Entity Type: Commodity
– Coverage Count: 5,600+
– Geographic Coverage: Global
– Industry Coverage: Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials, Materials, Technology, Media & Telecommunications
– History Initiated: 2009
– Data Source: Panjiva / UN Comtrade

About the Provider:

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