S&P Global Market Intelligence: IHS Global Macroeconomic

Extensive historic and forecast coverage of global macroeconomic data.


With IHS Global Macroeconomic you can dive into extensive historic and forecast data on major economic indicators covering GDPs, Private Consumption, Real Investments, Industrial Production, Retail Sales, Unemployment, Population, Inflation, Leading Indicators (OECD Composite, US Consumer and Business Sentiment), as well as currency and stock index data. The robust dataset includes:

– Core Economic Data – Key indicators and broad data coverage for over 200 industrialized and emerging markets compiled from a range of primary sources to provide the most consistent, comprehensive, and timely economic information available.
– Core Financial Data – Comprehensive coverage of currency, equity indices, and money markets.
– World Economic Service – Extensive data on the world’s economy, at the country, regional, and global levels with a quarterly updated forecast database. This comprehensive database offers key monthly, quarterly, and annual economic indicators for 204 countries, up to 150 economic indicators per country, a 30-year forecast horizon (historical data going back to 1970), and concepts cover all aspects of economic developments, sectors, and trade profiles.
– Global Insight Interim Forecast Service – Provides a monthly update to top line variables for the top 120 economies in the World Economic Service database, including Reserves, GDP, CPI, Population, Exchange Rate, US Retail Sales, US Manufacturing, US Industrial Production, Stock Market Indices, Unemployment, Inflation, Exports / Imports.

About the Provider:

Your source for premium financial and alternative datasets. With the goal to source, structure, link, and deliver best-in-class data, you’re armed with differentiated and clean data to uncover insights that drive your business forward and make decisions with conviction.

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