S&P Global Commodity Insights: IHS Markit Frac Disclosure

Identify cost-effective chemical, water and sand mixtures to optimize oil and gas production


Accurate chemical disclosure of hydraulic fracturing fluids requires extensive domain knowledge, coupled with numerous rules to address misspellings and diverse naming conventions, and machine learning to combat obfuscation.

Frac Disclosure from IHS Markit is a comprehensive and detailed frac ingredient database for North America, backed by IHS Markit’s industry-leading well and production data. This interpretation-ready dataset of 150,000 North American wells brings together chemical disclosure information from all available registries and reconciles wells to proprietary IHS Markit 14-digit UWIs. This rigorous process provides transparent, un-obscured access to the most current library of supplier mappings to ingredients and purposes, and corrects errors commonly found in other industry datasets.

Dataset Overview:
– Frac Data is augmented with IHS Markit E&P data to reconcile from 10- to 14- digit well UWIs
– Proppant detail includes proppant type, resin coating, sand and ceramic quality and mesh size – augmented with IHS Markit information
– Ingredient mappings aid in identification of frac type, crosslinking type, surfactant mixtures, in addition to local and regional preference trend information
-Targeted data selection easily removes bias of dominant ingredients and enables
comparison of frac type, wellbore integrity protection ingredients, and other individual or groups of ingredients for competitive benchmarking
– Includes all US and Canadian FracFocus data, and all US state-reported data not in FracFocus
– Ingredients are mapped to main purpose and sub-purpose to differentiate key active ingredients from solvents/carriers and other components
– Machine learning processes identify patterns in ingredients, supplier, tradename, CAS#, purposes and percentages to predict missing data
– Development process includes consultation with industry experts in frac chemistry, completions techniques, E&P operations and machine learning techniques

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