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Web based behavioral and interest data


Sovrn data is derived from behavioral interest and intent data from its 40,000+ publishers and enables companies to target users of interest with high ROI, match with their first party data for new in-moment customer insights, link users across devices, and so much more.
This data share includes a real time event stream of 18 Billion+ signals per day collected by Sovrn advertising tags across Sovrn publisher websites.

Tables Included:

Fields Included:
– Date
– Lat/Long
– Country
– User Agent (browser version, device OS etc)
– Domain (the domain for the page)
– Page URL (the full page url)
– Page Category (categorization of the page according to the IAB+ taxonomy)
– IP Address
– Unique Identifier (Sovrn cookie, Mobile Ad ID, Hashed Email)

Additional Information:
Sovrn data is used for targeting, segmentation, reporting and analytics.

– Identity Resolution
– Reporting
– Analytics
– Customer Profiles

Example Use Case
– Understand the other interests of the users that land on your website for better content personalization
– Create better targeted lists for digital marketing by overlaying Sovrn user interest data on your ids

About the Provider:

Since 2006 Sovrn provides advertising tools, technologies, and services to tens of thousands of content creators helping them make money, grow their businesses, and access a massive data commons that provides extraordinary insights.

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