Sonra: OpenStreetMap United Kingdom (UK)

Location data for United Kingdom (UK)


This data set includes all of the OpenStreetMap location data for United Kingdom.

It contains all of the features and coordinates for Nodes, Ways, Relations for United Kingdom.

Full documentation:


Reverse geocoding:
Location analytics:
Administrative Boundaries
Public transport, e.g. location of bus stops, train stations, bus routes, railways etc.
Shortest path analysis
Tourism, e.g. location of sights
Streets and roads, e.g. address validation
Business listings, e.g. find the number of supermarkets in a city, region, county etc.
Planning, e.g. what are areas with a high population density with a low number of supermarkets
Use the location features to improve predictive models.

And much more.

For a full description of the available location features refer to the OpenStreetMap documentation:


We have put together a comprehensive documentation which includes a description of all of the tables and columns in the data set, sample queries, and an introduction to the core OpenStreetMap objects

You can view the documentation here:



The data set contains the three core OpenStreetMap objects as tables.



The data set also contains additional feature tables where we have pivoted the key/value pairs to columns in tables. We constantly add feature tables. Refer to the documentation for details


OpenStreetMap data by OpenStreetMap Foundation is licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)

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