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Canada Postal Codes, Addresses, and Geographic Boundaries


Canadian Postal Codes typically represent a limited number of delivery points (a few houses, or several roads in more rural areas). Canadian Postal Codes provides the post codes of any location within the Canadian postal region. As areas grow or shrink in population and mail delivery, Canada Post will adjust the Postal Codes and which delivery points they service. It is quite common for several Postal Codes to either change or be retired each month.

The Canadian Postal Code dataset contains over 900,000 postal codes.

The dataset includes the following list of tables


The POSTCODE_CAN dataset contains the postal code of the area along with its coordinate (a coordinate is a global address given as two numbers. The two numbers are a location’s latitude number and its longitude number [“Lat/Long”]).

The POSTCODE_CAN_ADDRESS dataset provides the postcode of an address. It also provides the GEONUMBER for a particular area (e.g. a house number). Nearby locations have similar geonumbers. Canadian geonumbers range from 2472540428642 to 1265540868972. The POSTCODE_CAN_ADDRESS dataset has the direction and confidence, which is the geocoding confidence score. It has also a address type: residential or non-residential as “RES” or “NON-RES”

The POSTCODE_CAN_POLYGON dataset contains the post code and its geographic shape. It shows the polygon and multipolygon along with the number of vertices. The geography contains the geographic coordinates such as latitude and longitude and builds a shape out of it.

The POSTCODE_CAN_CENSUS dataset holds the post code of the smaller area units such as census subdivisions, aggregate dissemination, consolidated census subdivisions, dissemination block which uniquely identifies a census subdivision (composed of the 2-digit province/territory unique identifier followed by the 2-digit census division code and the 3-digit census subdivision code).


We have put together a comprehensive documentation which includes a description of all of the tables and columns in the data set and sample queries.

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