Soleadify: Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS) Private Company Mapping

Access to over 50 Million+ Private Companies and their SASB SICS® Industry and Sector. Updated Weekly.


SASB’s evidence-based, market-informed, and transparent process has identified the financially material ESG factors for each industry. Soleadify uses the SASB Standards to map over 50+ million private companies across 200 Countries to their respective SICS® Industry, SICS® Sub-Sector, and SICS® Sector.

Soleadify generates business activity profiles for each company and uses its trained models to determine the correct SICS® classification mapping. This methodology provides a highly accurate mapping system that reflects the company’s current state.

Attributes Included:
– Company Identifiers
– Company Name
– Company Business Activities
– Country
– City
– SICS® Industry
– SICS® Sub-Sector
– SICS® Sector
– ESG Materiality Issues

Pair the SICS Classifications Dataset with other ESG Data to reveal deeper insights:
– Pair with Soleadify’s Private Company and SMB Corporate Data, to generate enriched private company profiles which include revenue, employee size, products, technologies used and more.
– Pair with Soleadify’s ESG Materiality and Controversy Indicators which provide information about the company’s ESG policies and actions.
– Pair with Level I or II of the SASB Standards, to understand the financially material ESG issues most likely to affect the company given the accurate identification of the company’s sustainability-based risks and opportunities.
– Pair with other Soleadify’s generated industry classification schemes on private companies such as GICS, NAICS, NACE etc. to derive portfolio and risk management benefits by combing sustainability risks and opportunities with the business model and revenue factors.

Expected workflow:
– Consumer shares list of company names (or region) with Soleadify via a snowflake share for data enrichment.
– Soleadify uses a snowflake share to provide the consumer with the SICS classification data based on the company names.

About the Provider:

Soleadify is a leading global provider of data and analytics on Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Private Companies. Using the latest in AI technology, Soleadify generates high-quality and recent data allowing better decision-making across underwriting, compliance, supply chain and sustainability.

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