Soleadify: Supplier Discovery and Intelligence (Sample)

Discover new and alternate suppliers and increase supply chain agility.


Our comprehensive coverage of 70 million businesses includes coverage of over 3 million manufacturers and over 7 million distributors and wholesalers. Together, these 10 million companies are vital to the supply chains of tens of millions of companies who source products from them. Soleadify identifies commercially active businesses and enriches these company records with over 200 million products.

Procurement and sourcing professionals can use Soleadify’s data to identify new and alternative suppliers and enhance their vendor data with additional attributes such as industry, product, technology, and ESG classifications.

Available Attributes
– Product Headline | The product that the company supplies
– Product Description | A description of the product supplied
– Product URL | The URL to the product
– Company ID | The Soleadify Company ID
– Company Name | The operating name of the Company
– Company Legal Name | The legal name of the Company
– Company Main Country | The main country the supplier operates
– Company Main Region | The main region/state /province the supplier operates
– Company Main City | The main city the supplier operates
– Company Description | A description of the supplier
– Company Website | The main website URL of the supplier
– Company Emails | The corporate email address of the supplier
– Company Phones | The primary phone # of the supplier

Each row represents a specific product that is associated with a supplier.

*Note the sample dataset returns a small subset of suppliers and a reduced set of available attributes about each supplier*

About the Provider:

Soleadify is a leading global provider of data and analytics on Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Private Companies. Using the latest in AI technology, Soleadify generates high-quality and recent data allowing better decision-making across underwriting, compliance, supply chain and sustainability.

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