Soleadify: Private Company and SMB Corporate Information

Coverage for 70 Million+ Operating Companies Across 200 Countries. Updated Weekly.


Soleadify, is a global provider of AI-generated data and analytics on Private Companies and Small Medium Businesses (SMB). Soleadify is known for the high quality, recency and depth of its data and is used by some world’s largest banks, insurance and consultants across numerous applications such as insurance underwriting, lending, supply chain, compliance/KYB and sustainability assessment.

Attributes Included:
– Corporate Names (e.g. Legal Names, Operating Names)
– Company Contact Information (e.g. Physical Addresses, Geolocation, Emails)
– Corporate Details (e.g. Company Type, Business Descriptions, Revenue, Employees)
– Industry Classifications (e.g. NAICS, SIC, NACE, ANZSIC)
– Company Activities (e.g. business activities, products manufactured, technology used)
– Online Activity (e.g. SEO Scores and rankings)
– Websites (e.g. social websites)

With Soleadify’s data, you will improve the matching, enrichment, validation and search processes of SMB and private companies.

About the Provider:

Soleadify is a leading global provider of data and analytics on Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Private Companies. Using the latest in AI technology, Soleadify generates high-quality and recent data allowing better decision-making across underwriting, compliance, supply chain and sustainability.

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