Socialgist: Quora Investing Questions & Answers

1 year of Quora question threads within Quora Topic: Investing


This dataset includes all English-language questions and answers within the Quora Topic ‘Investing’ created in 2020. The set encompasses more than 95,000 question threads with detailed metadata to help you surface the most relevant and authoritative discussions from Quora’s expert community. The dataset is updated monthly.

Samples/Tables Included:

Fields Included:
Question & Answer message IDs & Published timestamps
Full text of Questions & Answers
Topics metadata identifying the topics discussed in each Question
Engagement statistics to help you determine which content was most viewed, answered, commented on and followed

Example Use Case:
Correlate changes in Quora conversation volume about key companies over time to public stock performance; compare investor opinions on companies, industries & stocks; understand product & service issues to inform investing strategy.

About the Provider:

We are the data access layer between social media networks and the analytics community, making it easy for you to get access to the world’s public, online conversational data, with privacy compliance controls in place.

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