SmartMarketData, LLC: LinkUp Job Post Enhanced

Job post meta data & analytics global, 50,000+ companies, daily, point in time, adjusted history back to 2007


LinkUp RAW Enhanced is the market leading job post alternative data set.

Data is captured daily, from over 50,000 companies worldwide, starting in 2007.

LinkUp captures the data DIRECTLY from company career portals, NOT from “aggregator” job post websites. This helps ensure the markets cleanest job post data, with no duplicates and no “stale” data.

The data consists of job post “meta” data, including the company, job title, location-based data (city, state, zip, country), and timestamps for when the job post was created, scraped, and deleted.

We also provide detailed “core” and “enhanced” aggregate analytics allowing for at a glance analysis at the company, ticker, sedol, cusip, isin, city, state, zip, country, sector, and job type levels. We are constantly adding more aggregates and more nuanced analytics.

We provide many levels of standard identifiers, and the data is point in time back to inception – 2007.

A company’s job posts represent a management team’s expectations for FUTURE employment. Are they hiring more this year then last? Are they hiring for new positions in new product and geographic markets? Are the hiring numbers confirming management’s statements?

At a macro level the data gives you a real time look at job supply, and is highly correlated to the all important (but 2 month delayed) Bureau of Labor Statistics JOLTS (job openings) number.

Job posts can give you insight into country and sector level changes as well, and are correlated to real estate values in different geographies.

Finally, we also provide the job post description, which can be used to forensically analyze specific technologies (i.e. “blockchain” or “artificial intelligence”), or job types (i.e. “part time” and “work from home”), companies entering new markets (i.e. “electrical engineer” or “Brazil”), as well as job requirements (i.e. “PhD”, “Python”, “Cadence or Synopsis”).

We provide many base level analytics derived from the unstructured Descriptions data.

The data is available exclusively in the cutting edge parquet format, which provides significant speed, footprint, and usage advantages. The parquets are also elegantly “partitioned” to allow for querying/ingesting based on specific data needs.

Tables Included:
-“Jobs_base” metadata, daily, from 2007-present, point in time
-“jobs_log”, daily, from 2007-present, point in time
-“Aggregate analytics”, 2007-present, point in time
-“Job analytics”, 2007-present, point in time
-“descriptions”, job descriptions, unstructured text, 2007-present
-“reference” data includes many identifiers and other reference data
-3 additional tables

Fields Included:
-22 additional fields

About the Provider:

Since 2014, SmartMarketData has been a leader and innovator in the alt-data space. SMD finds unique and relevant alternative data sets, and helps productize them for consumption by Wall Street. Key services include:
● Product Development
● Operations
● Identifier/Reference Data Mapping
● Business Development
● Client Admin
● Data Science and Research
● Custom Data Science and Research for customers

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