Skupos, Inc.: US Convenience & Consumer Transaction Data

Exclusive, Real Time Transaction Data: CPG Sector


Skupos is a data company that captures, cleans, and analyzes point of sale data in real-time for the US convenience retail & CPG market. We sit on a very rich CPG POS dataset sourced from over 14,000 independent retailers. We have data that nobody else has including Nielsen and IRi because we’re selective on our sales.

We specifically help CPG companies understand trends from high-level competitive dynamics down to location-specific distribution and execution. Our full brand platform includes a raw data feed, insights dashboard, and promotion enablement across our full network of retailers.

Our software is connected to the retailer’s POS system allowing for full data access in real-time. At 14,000 stores and growing, Skupos has the largest differentiated dataset of independent convenience retailers, tracking:

– 7M transactions per day
– 2B transactions per year
– $100M in sales per day
– $37B in sales per year
– 34 categories

Table Examples Include:

Field Examples Include: (Over 30 fields, Full Dictionary available upon request)
-Unit Size
-Selling Price
-Final Price
-Payment type
-Payment last 4
-Loyalty ID

About the Provider:

Skupos is the technology platform that connects the convenience retail industry. Through our Skupos Insights platform, we deliver an unrivaled depth and quality of retail sales data and analytics from independent and small chains. For the first time, users can now gain a deeper, more relevant understanding of in-store sales down to the UPC level. Insights are on-demand and derived from scan data that is automatically combined, cleaned, organized, and standardized.

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