Skai: Pet Food – Most Reviewed Products on leading e-commerce channels

Discover which products, in pet food, have received the most reviews over the past month


Product reviews from leading e-commerce channels are packed with useful insights into your consumers and competitors that can be used to win the digital shelf. This dataset gives you access to unique data points about the most reviewed products, in your category over the past month. It is used to support product development, marketing and brand initiatives such as:

Selecting the right products and keywords to advertise
Updating product titles and descriptions to align to consumer needs

– Pet Food

Most reviewed product data from leading e-commerce channels

-Source Product Identifier
-Number of Reviews
-Solution Type
-Attribute Type
-Attribute Value

Product review data from leading e-commerce channels

About the Provider:

Skai uses patented NLP and advanced analytics to surface powerful trends and predictive insights from thousands of external data sources. Our insights empower brands to put the current and future needs of consumers at the heart of every decision they make, from product innovation to marketing strategy and execution.

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