Singular: Paid Marketing Data from Every Channel

Data from 2000+ channels in a single table including spend & conversions


Singular Marketing ETL allows you to automatically obtain your paid marketing data and feed it directly into your own data science, analytics, and reporting tools, without requiring engineering work. Try Singular Marketing Analytics for free with a 30-day trial. No credit card needed.

Singular ETL standardizes data from different sources into the same data schema so you can easily query on it in your database, including:

  • Normalized dimensions like source, country, campaign & keyword
  • Performance metrics like spend, clicks & conversions
  • Add your own custom dimensions & metrics. no-code needed.

Using Singular your team would be able to build powerful reports and answer questions like:

  • What was your average CPC on channels like Google Ads, Instagram or Linkedin?
  • What was your monthly spend by country or channel?
  • What are your top 10 performing campaigns or creatives?

Singular offers four different data schemas you can choose from. Each schema defines a different set of dimensions and metrics that Singular ETL will load into your database. Use the list below to help you choose the data schema that best fits your needs.

  • Campaign – Supports campaign and network-level optimization
  • Campaign and Keyword – Supports keyword-level optimization for search campaigns
  • Campaign, Keyword and Publisher – Lets you optimize publisher-based bids, whitelists and blacklists
  • Campaign & Creative – Supports creative-based optimization

For more information about the available fields please refer to Singular Data Schemas article.

To find out more about Singular integrations please refer to Singular Partners List.

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About the Provider:

Singular’s marketing-focused ETL provides a complete view of your paid marketing performance, normalizing spend and ROI across Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing and 2,000+ additional integrations. Unlike other ETL tools, Singular unifies all your marketing channels into one table with a standard business-ready schema. Singular was founded in 2014 and is being used by market leaders like Nike, Lyft, Microsoft & Airbnb.

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