ShareThis: Data Set Social And Behavioral Data Feed

Unfiltered insights into URLs, browser agents and other powerful enrichments


The ShareThis Data Set Social Data Feed provides unparalleled access to our global network of proprietary Sharing Intelligence. Scan and analyze 18 billion social events per month for patterns in consumer behaviors, audience insights, modeling, and analysis. Gain unfiltered insights into page URLs, users IP addresses, and browser agents. Social Data feed also provides powerful enrichment for categorization, keyword extraction, entities and concepts.

***Example Use Cases***

Insights & Analytics — ShareThis data is overlaid against first party data to understand your audience in detail.

Modeling — A data buyer can build their own models using ShareThis data, enabling them to find more of their audience Example: Predictive Modeling- A partner uses ShareThis data to build predictive models (based on survey respondents) to reach their audience’s personality traits with the right message.

Targeting — Build unique audiences from the raw or enriched feed Examples: Categories: Each event on a page receives a classification according to the Google Taxonomy which can easily be used to segment users.

**Keywords/Metadata/Entities: If you have a more granular use case or target audience you can segment users by groupings of keywords. An example might be for the newest Marvel Movie using the movie title, actors, actresses, etc.

Location Information: This would allow you to segment users by their location for any geo targeting needs.

Demo: We also offer a demo feed where you can segment users on their gender or age bands. B2B: We also have business information derived from the IP address which includes the ASN Number (number tied to an organization\’s IP) and ASN Organization ( the organization name of that IP) which would allow you to group users by industry or company size. Can use IP Mapping (residential vs business), NLP, look at time of day or day of week.

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About the Provider:

ShareThis, the Sharing Intelligence Company, has been collecting and synthesizing social share, interest, and intent data since 2007. Powering the sharing of content across more than 3M global domains, ShareThis observes real-time actions from real people on real publisher sites. ShareThis transforms user-level behavioral data into actionable insights.  This unique and powerful view can be used to better understand, expand and validate consumer behavior for targeting and analytics to achieve marketer and publisher outcomes. Privately held, ShareThis is based in Palo Alto, CA.

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