Seismic: Seismic Reporting Data

Complete data model for users, content, and actions throughout the platform


Seismic is the recognized leader in sales and marketing enablement, equipping global sales teams with the knowledge, messaging, and personalized content proven to be the most effective for any buyer interaction. Powerful content intelligence and analytics enable marketers to prove and improve their impact on the bottom line, revealing what is really driving revenue and what needs to be adjusted.

Data drives effective decision-making for modern marketing and sales enablement teams. Without data on how users are interacting with content, marketing teams don’t know what’s useful, what’s engaging, and what isn’t. Without insights into team activity and deal outcomes, sales leaders don’t know how to coach underperforming sellers or how to enable top sellers to up their games. Seismic solves this problem by providing data on the content creation, distribution, and consumption lifecycle to empower your teams to drive their content and sales strategy.

Seismic is making content analytics data available via Snowflake Data Sharing, so that customers can easily get access to raw detailed and historical content effectiveness data:
**Reduce Time-to-Insights: Get access to live, detailed raw data which is ready to use without transformation and is updated in real-time
**Create a 360 Degree View of Content Effectiveness: Combine content data with other production data (e.g. sales, finance, web) for deeper insights
**Reduce Data Analytics Costs: Reduce storage and development costs as data does not move, does not need to be copied, and no ETL is required.

About the Provider:

The industry’s leading sales enablement solution. Increase productivity and effectiveness across sales and marketing. Close bigger deals and spend more time with customers.

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