Scanbuy Data: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) US consumer shopping data (6,000 Brands)

Scanbuy CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods & DG (Durable Goods) Brand-level Purchase Data (US-nationwide)


6000 CPG Brand-level and 300 CPG category-level segments. Can be distributed daily, weekly, or monthly. Free samples provided. Also can append key Demographic and Location data to the same MAID or HEM data records. Supplemental Identity data available. 1st-Party and 1st-party sourced, direct from consumer mobile device, in-app, SDK and/or Point of Sale (POS API). US only.

Sample Tables:
Top XX Brands by CPG Category, with volumes counts by Brand or Category
Total US Shoppers by CPG Brand or Category
Geographic Distribution of Individual Brand(s)or Category(ies) Shoppers
Key Demographic breakdowns for Brand(s) or Category(ies)

Fields Included:
Hashed Email
Mobile Advertiser ID (GAID/IDFA)
Brand(s) or Category(ies) associated with each US consumer
age range
other individual or household-level demographics

About the Provider:

Scanbuy Data collects individual consumer shopping data (primarily CPG), demographic, identity, and location data. Our data taxonomy has 6,000 CPG brands and 300 CPG categories (audiences) that is available for a wide variety of use cases by marketers, data scientists, and others needing high-quality 1st party data about US-based consumer shopping purchases and interests.

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