Satori Cyber: Secure Access to Sensitive Data in Minutes

Streamline data access and stop wasting time on ad-hoc security, privacy and compliance projects


Satori created the first DataSecOps platform which streamlines data access by automating access controls, security and compliance for the modern data infrastructure. The Secure Data Access Service is a universal visibility and control plane which allows you to oversee your data and its usage in real-time while automating access controls.

Included Table:
– Data access audit
– List of available fields can be found here:

Business Value:
– Streamline access to data
– Meet regulatory compliance & security requirements
– Accelerate value from data
– Higher data engineering productivity
– Reduce data operations complexity

– Deploy Satori for your Snowflake.
– Request your data access audit dataset.
– Satori approves data sharing.
– Your data access audit share is available for use.

About the Provider:

The Satori Cyber Secure Data Access Platform provides data-flow mapping with transparent, secure and compliant data access across all cloud and hybrid data stores

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