Satori Cyber: Data-Flow Visibility and Access Control

Apply security & privacy policies with zero disruption to data access


Satori Cyber is revolutionizing data protection and governance. Its Secure Data Access Platform seamlessly integrates into your Snowflake environment to deliver complete data-flow visibility utilizing activity-based discovery and classification. The platform provides context-aware and granular data access and privacy policies across all enterprise data flows, data access and data stores. With Satori Cyber, organizations and their security teams can confidently ensure that data security, privacy and compliance are in place – enabling data-driven innovation and competitive advantage

Samples/tables included:

  • Historical incidents
  • Aggregated data-flows

Fields Included:

  • Timestamp
  • Severity (low, medium, high)
  • User
  • Role
  • ID tags
  • Tool name (Tableau, Snowflake UI, CLI)
  • Incident type (unauthorized access, custom)
  • Description
  • Action (alert, mask, block)
  • Location (DB-Schema-table)
  • Data store (us-east1)
  • Data type (Sensitive, PII, PHI)

Example Use Case:

  • Use the historical incidents data to export and analyze contextualized access attempts of users to classified data. Import this data into your SIEM or build operational reports on top of it.
  • Uncover potential risks and stay on top of all data flows to and from your Snowflake data store and make sure sensitive data is not copied into unauthorized environments.

Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

The Satori Cyber Secure Data Access Platform provides data-flow mapping with transparent, secure and compliant data access across all cloud and hybrid data stores.

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