SafeGraph: United Kingdom Points of Interest (POI)

Business listing info, including address, and brands for millions of UK points of interest (POI)


SafeGraph Places is a dataset containing business listing information about points of interest (POI) including location name, street address, and Placekey. Covers locations for major retail chains, local businesses, convenience stores, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals & more. Dataset contains more than 1.3MM United Kingdom POI across all categories and over 500 recognized brands. This dataset is also available for download in all regions.

Samples/Tables Included:
-Location name
-Brand association for points of interest (POIs) where people spend time or money

Fields Included:
-Hours Open
-Postal Code
-Phone Number
-Hours open

Additional Information:
All SafeGraph POI-based datasets utilize Placekey as the primary key and are formatted as delimited CSVs. SafeGraph updates the Places dataset every month with the past month’s openings and closings and maintains a persistent Placekey across releases. Our detailed Places Schema(1) is available online. Additionally please refer to Places Data Manual(2) for more detailed field definitions and methodologies. Our Places Summary Statistics(3) is updated with every monthly release to reflect data coverage.

Data Dictionary
Our documentation site includes detailed information for all of our products, but this product listing specifically only includes the Places data set and does not include Spend.
(1) Places Schema:
(2) Places Data Manual:
(3) Places Summary Statistics:

About the Provider:

SafeGraph is a global geospatial data company that offers any data on any place in the world. Customers like Esri, Tripadvisor, Mapbox, and Sysco use SafeGraph data to better understand their customers, create new products, and make better decisions for their business.

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