SafeGraph: SafeGraph Core Places – US (Demo – Starbucks)

Business listing info, including lat/long, for all US Starbucks locations.


Core Places is a dataset containing business listing information about points-of-interest (POI) such as location name, street address, industry, lat/long and brand. This free sample includes the roughly 11,000 Starbucks locations in the US and is available for download in all regions.

Samples/Tables Included:
-Location name
-Brand association for points of interest (POIs) where people spend time or money

Fields Included:
-Hours Open
-Postal Code
-Phone Number

Additional Information:
All SafeGraph POI-based datasets utilize Placekey ( as the primary key and are formatted as delimited CSVs. SafeGraph updates the Places dataset every month with the past month’s openings and closings and maintains a persistent Placekey across releases. Our detailed Core Places Schema(1) is available online. Additionally please refer to Places Data Manual(2) for more detailed field definitions and methodologies. Our Places Summary Statistics(3) is updated with every monthly release to reflect data coverage.

Data Dictionary
Our documentation site includes detailed information for all of our products, but this product listing specifically only includes the Core Places data set and does not include Geometry or Patterns data.
(1) Core Places Schema
(2) Places Summary Statistics

Example Use Cases:
Mapping – “where are things?”
-Companies that have a mapping component or map service – e.g. Bing Maps or Google Maps
-Works well with: all data
Retail + CPG – “Where do we sell stuff? Where do we not yet sell? Why do we not sell there yet?
-Understand a total addressable market (TAM) – for example, where are all of the bodegas in NYC?
-Where are they currently selling, vs not? And where is a major competitor selling, vs not? (e.g. Pepsi vs Coca Cola)
-Works well with: spend data, informal and formal traffic data, geosocial data, weather data

About the Provider:

SafeGraph is a data company that seeks to unlock understanding of the physical world and power innovation through open access to geospatial data. SafeGraph has built the source of truth for physical places, covering business listing information, building footprints, and foot-traffic insights for more than 6 million Points-of-Interest (POI) in the US, Canada, and the UK.

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