S3 Partners: S3 Short Interest and Securities Finance Data

S3 Short Interest and Securities Finance Data



Short Interest and Securities Finance Data
– Access the only independent Short Interest and Securities Finance data set available. Use this data to understand bearish bets, conviction levels and what is driving price action, and identify which trades are crowded and why for over 50,000 global securities.
– Eliminate delays in exchange-reported data and seamlessly integrate data into existing systems and workflows.
– Trust S3’s holistic and unbiased data collection and contribution methodology. Gain a complete dataset sourced from proprietary software and data, bank and broker inventory feeds from all major market participants, regulatory filings from every public exchange globally and an in-house service desk that performs live confirmation of intraday rates from voice brokered financing markets.

Samples/Tables Included:

Fields Included:
– Business Date
– Security IDs
– Name
– Offer Rate
– Bid rate
– Last rate
– Crowding
– Short Interest
– ShortInterestNotional
– ShortInterestPct
– S3Float
– S3SIPctFloat
– IndicativeAvailability
– Utilization
– DaystoCover10Day
– DaystoCover30Day
– DaystoCover90Day
– Original SI

Feed Coverage

Asset Class Count Type Start Date
Equity 30,000 + Securities 2015
CORP 12,000 + Securities 2015
ETF / FUND 5,500 + Securities 2015
GOVT 1,800 + Securities 2015

About the Provider:

S3 Partners, LLC is a market leading financial data and technology company that provides Pricing and Analytics for capital markets and Technology Solutions that connect clients to their critical investment data. Clients use S3’s technology and data to create better outcomes at every point in the investment process: Portfolio Management, Trading and Execution, Risk Management, and Treasury Operations. Its most used product, BLACK APP, is the market standard for real-time Short Interest and Securities Finance data for more than 50,000 securities on desktops globally. S3 is the market standard source for the financial news media such as Bloomberg, WSJ, CNBC and FT. S3 maintains an exclusive distribution platform through unique relationships with its channel partners: Bloomberg, Citco, Refinitiv, Factset and Nasdaq.

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