Rystad Energy: WellCube Global Database of All Oil and Gas Wells

Field by Field Drilling Programs


WellCube is Rystad Energy’s global database of oil and gas wells. It is based on reported wells at field, country or operator level. The database is consistent with UCube (global oilfield database) and allows users to view drilling activity field by field. Production and economics data from UCube together with other market drivers are used to forecast future drilling activity in WellCube.

WellCube is used to study the trends within drilling, completion, intervention, and P&A, the market for corresponding well-driven services and products and its dependence on the oil price.

Tables include:
– Asset; Asset name, geography, basin, field type, water depth, operator, some reservoir characteristics, etc.
– Well; list of wells, completion year, wellbore purpose, length, and type, rig type
– ActiveWells; # wells in operation
– WellValues; Drilling days and length, #wells completed, rig demand
– Commerciality; include or exclude assets assumed uncommercial
Company; Asset ownership

Fields include:
– Asset name
– ~30 asset attributes
– Wells and wellbores by completion year
– Wellbore purpose
– Drilling days
– Drilling Length
– Rig Demand
– Active wells
– Asset operator and owners

About the Provider:

Rystad Energy is an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, analytics and consultancy services to clients exposed to the energy industry across the globe. Key products are global, yet bottom-up, databases for the upstream and power industry as well as covering the energy transition.

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