Rystad Energy: UCube Global Asset-Level Oil and Gas Database

Production, Ownership and Economics for all Oil and Gas Fields Globally


UCube is Rystad Energy’s global upstream database including production and economics (costs, revenues, valuation) for more than 80 000 assets, covering the portfolios of more than 3500 companies. The production from all assets adds up to the global oil and gas production, ie UCube is complete.

The UCube data set is used to study all parts of the global E&P activity, history and future, covering years 1900-2100. UCube is ideal for macro analyses and understanding the drivers in the E&P business, for deal screening, market analyses, valuation and analysis of companies, and other business development, or just to study the activity eg in a certain country. Field by field capex and opex give insight in the market for the oil service industry.

UCube is normally consumed as one integrated OLAP cube, but normalized tables are available to clients for own use.

Tables include:
– Production (crude, condensate, NGL, gas) for more then 80 000 assets in multiple price scenarios
– Economics (capex and opex, government take (tax), free cash flow, breakeven prices, IRR, valuation) for all assets and scenarios
– Company Ownership of all assets, ie the full portfolios and sum-of-asset-value for 3500 companies
– Geographic breakdown and a wide range of attributes for all assets
– And 16 more tables. See Documentation link for details.

Fields included:
– Asset Name
– ~60 Asset Attributes
– Asset Ownership
– Production Timeseries
– Free Cashflow Timeseries
– Government Take Timeseries
– Investments
– Operational Costs
– Breakeven Oil Price
– and many more.

About the Provider:

Rystad Energy is an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, analytics and consultancy services to clients exposed to the energy industry across the globe. Key products are global, yet bottom-up, databases for the upstream and power industry as well as covering the energy transition.

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