Rystad Energy: Sample of ShaleWellCube – Complete Coverage of North American Well Data

Production and Technical Details for North Dakota Wells


Sample dataset :
– Limited to county McKenzie, North Dakota, US
– Wells with Production Start Date from 2014 to 2017
– Data Snapshot taken on: 2022-04-11

ShaleWellCube is Rystad Energy’s database of more than 1.5 million horizontal wells, fracked vertical wells and conventional wells, with historical monthly operated oil and gas production and extensive well information. This includes geographic attributes, critical dates in the well life-cycle, production test data, well-level information on suppliers and service providers, and technical well disclosures such as perforation, tubing and casing records. ShaleWellCube covers US, Canada and Argentina.

Detailed well analysis supplements the data with well-by-well forecasted production, derived well parameters, drilling and completion costs, breakeven prices, well NPVs and IRRs. Further, flaring and venting is covered.

ShalewellCube is used to study well details, detailed forecast of US production, benchmarking of well, operator and basin performance, and much more.

Tables include:
– Wellheader, with well API number and more than 150 well attributes
– Monthly well production (oil, sold rich gas, unsold gas, flaring)
– Monthly 3-stream production (rich gas split into dry gas, Ethane and C3+)
– Geography hierarchies from county to country, basin, EIA Districts, shale plays
– WellInfo, monthly numbers for rig demand, DUCs, spudded, completed, started and producing wells
– EconomicsCost, detail breakdown of well costs
– Water production by well
– Well injection by well
– Chemicals; type and volume of chemicals used in fracking, frac jobs
– and more

Fields include:
– API well number
– more than 150 well operational attributes, including TVD, well length, well spacing, pad drilling, etc.
– operator
– geography
– monthly well production by hydrocarbon type + water and flaring, historical and forecast
– well costs
– breakeven prices and IRR

About the Provider:

Rystad Energy is an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, analytics and consultancy services to clients exposed to the energy industry across the globe. Key products are global, yet bottom-up, databases for the upstream and power industry as well as covering the energy transition.

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