Rystad Energy: Sample of EmissionsCube – Company Benchmarking

Compare Oil and Gas Field CO2 Emission For all Countries, Operators and Companies


Sample dataset:
– Filtered to One Country
– Country, Companies and Operators are anonymized.
– Data Snapshot taken on: 2022-04-11

EmissionsCube is a global field-by-field upstream CO2 database, giving insight into the emissions originating from extraction and flaring activities in the oil and gas industry. Emissions are estimated at the field level (where Rystad tracks more than 60 000 fields) and can be assessed individually, or as aggregated entities of countries, companies or operators. The field level data have been subject to extensive calibration with government and company reported numbers.

This data set is a subset of EmissionCube, where field values are aggregated to Country – Company (owner) – Operator – Supply segment (shale, deepwater,..) – Field type (oil or gas field) – Oil type (heavy – regular..) – Field lifecycle (new/mature field). This makes it possible to decompose the companies’ emissions on most relevant dimensions.

The full EmissionsCube with all data at field level will be made available on request.

Tables include:
– Emissions
– Emission Attributes
– Production
– Upstream Attributes (determines the granularity of data) – Country

– Year
– CO2 Emissions
– Emissions type (extraction/flaring)
– Production (oil and gas)
– Country
– Onshore/Offshore
– Supply Segment
– Field type
– Oil and Gas detail (heavy oil, ..)
– Historical operator (NB: this is reported historical operator, which may differ from UCube)
– Historical company (owner)
– Field life cycle

It is recommended to create the calculated field
Emissions per boe [Kg CO2/boe ] = CO2Emissions [Million tonnes CO2 ]/ (Production [kboed ] *365)

About the Provider:

Rystad Energy is an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, analytics and consultancy services to clients exposed to the energy industry across the globe. Key products are global, yet bottom-up, databases for the upstream and power industry as well as covering the energy transition.

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