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Understand the Workforce Dynamics of any Company


Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence analytics. We absorb and standardize hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world’s first universal HR database, allowing us to see workforce composition and trends of any company, public or private. We’ve created a standard structure to unify occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and other organizations. Our team of data scientists, economists, and engineers use the latest methods in statistical research to remove sampling bias, and anticipate lags in reporting to create a comprehensive and current understanding of workforce dynamics in every region and across every industry. Our data provides insights on company composition, hiring and attrition trends, geographic composition, career transitions, diversity, and more.

Our data is extremely configurable. Check out our data dictionary for an overview of our standard data sets, and please reach out to us if you have a use case that doesn’t fit cleanly into our standard offerings. We can probably create a dataset that works for you!

Here are some of the key tables we can generate:

Workforce Dynamics (Geography, Demographics, Roles, Skills)
Transitions (Inflows, Outflows)
Job Posting Dynamics
Employee Review Trends
Company Reference

Key data fields include:

1. Company Reference table:
– company
– ticker
– exchange_name
– sector
– sedol
– isin
– orb_num
– naics_code
– lei

2. Employee Review Trends table:
– rating_overall
– rating_career_opportunities
– rating_compensation_and_benefits
– rating_culture_and_values
– rating_diversity_and_inclusion
– rating_senior_leadership
– rating_work_life_balance
– rating_business_outlook

3. Job Posting Dynamics table:
– job_category
– start_date
– active_posting
– new_posting
– removed_posting
– active_salary_avg
– filling_time_avg

4. / 5. Transition Inflow & Outflow tables:
– prev_company
– prev_seniority
– prev_salary
– new_company
– new_seniority
– new_startdate
– new_salary

6. Workforce Dynamics: Demographic Breakdown table
– company
– gender
– ethnicity
– month
– count
– inflow
– outflow
– salary

7. Workforce Dynamics: Geographic Breakdown table
– company
– region
– country
– state
– msa (metropolitan statistical area)
– count
– inflow
– outflow
– salary

8. Workforce Dynamics: Role Breakdown table
– job_category
– role_k50
– role_k150
– count
– inflow
– outflow
– salary

9. Workforce Dynamics: Skills Breakdown table
– company
– seniority
– job_category
– skill
– month
– count
– inflow
– outflow

Full schemas for each dataset can be found in our data dictionary:

About the Provider:

Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence. We have created the world’s first universal HR database, allowing us to see workforce composition and trends of any company or industry.

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