Resilinc: EventWatch AI — Supply Chain Data for Cyber (Information Security) Risk

AI-Based supply chain monitoring disruption data across Cybersecurity risk in near real-time


Global event monitoring data suite that contextualizes and analyzes potential and existing supply chain disruptions caused by cyber-attacks, data breaches, ransomware etc. related risks at suppliers and sub-tier supplier locations.

Events uniquely covered on our AI-Based monitoring in the Cyber category:
– Information Security related events.

Fields Included:
• Event Created Date
• Event ID
• Event Title
• Event Description
• Event Type
• Severity
• Supplier ID
• Supplier Name
• Site Name
• Country Code
• Country Name
• Worst Recovery Time
• Average Recovery Time
• Site Activity/activities
• Location based on latitude and longitude
• Alternate Site Name

Frequency Options:
• Near real-time
• 1 day lag/delay
• 1 week lag/delay

Expected Workflow:
• Customer requests Resilinc’s cyber test data view via Snowflake, and if interested, this data can be shared based on a particular frequency option.
• Resilinc uses a Snowflake share to provide the consumer with customized cyber news events based on a particular region, industry and their sub-tier suppliers.

About the Provider:

Resilinc is the leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end supply chain resiliency solutions.

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