Quantum Metric: Web & App Experience Data Stream

A single source of truth for your customer’s behaviors and experiences on websites and native apps


Quantum Metric provides complete visibility into the customer experience across web and mobile applications. With a simple and one-time deployment, the platform captures a rich set of behavioral, technical, and business level data. Machine intelligence surfaces anomalies in the customer experience and quantifies the business impact. Real-time insights and simplified workflows give all teams a common view of the customer and the ability to make data-driven decisions faster. Platform features include: advanced analytics, anomaly detection, session replay, heatmaps, performance monitoring, real-time alerts, and role-based dashboards.

This entire analytics data set is now available in snowflake! The databases contain a single table with all analytics attributes at the page, session and user levels.

A sample of the 200+ customer data points included:

– All Clicks/Taps/Engagement/Pageviews
– Form submissions
– Scroll Depth
– % Idle time on page
– Rage Click/Frustration
– Error Messages Displayed
– Page Reloaded
– Back button used
– Form validation errors
– Long running spinner
– Page Performance Metrics
– API/Single Page App Responsiveness
– Javascript Errors
– API 200-50x Signals
– API Request/Resp payload
– App Crashes

Example Use Case:
A customer visits a website for the first time, browses products and shows high intent to buy. During the purchase process they encounter friction and abandon the site. Using the Quantum Metric data connector, you can automatically identify an interesting cohort of customers like this and connect it with other systems to drive more effective remarketing and personalization.

About the Provider:

Quantum Metric helps organizations build better digital products faster. Our platform for Continuous Product Design gives business and technical teams a single version of truth that is fast, quantified, and based on what matters most — your customers’ perspective.

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