Quantfy Inc: Crypto OHLCV Feed

Query near real-time crypto OHLCV across exchanges


The Crypto OHLCV Feed provides the second, minute, hourly and daily open, high, low, close, and volume aggregated data for trades across several crypto exchanges. By removing the need to build customized exchange integration feeds, Quantfy empowers data scientists and quants with normalized crypto data to facilitate feature engineering, statistical analyses, and the development.

The fields of the OHCLV data feed describe the aggregated trading activity that takes place within a 1-second / 1-minute / 1-hour / 1-day window. The field names and descriptions can be found below:

– EV: Event Type
– X: Crypto Exchange
– T: Ticker
– TP: Ticker Pair (Base Pair)
– O: Opening Crypto Price (USD)
– H: High Crypto Price (USD)
– L: Low Crypto Price (USD)
– C: Closing Crypto Price (USD)
– V: Volume of Shares Traded
– XTS: Exchange Timestamp (UTC)

About the Provider:

Quantfy provides compliant and seamless access to normalized low-latency market data, features and AI-based insights across cryptos, forex and stocks

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