Quaero: Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Quaero empowers enterprises to integrate, discover and democratize their customer data


Quaero’s CDP platform unifies customer signals across CRM, sales, offline data, online behavior, and devices to create a unified customer 360 view, and enriches these profiles with demographics, product affinity and content affinities.

Customer data assets are persisted in a model for data scientists to design and implement predictive models such as customer churn, product recommendation and consumer lifetime value. These models are productionalized within the platform and scores are available for marketers to create and activate segments.

Quaero’s CDP platform comes with pre-built, bi-directional data connectors to all leading marketing clouds, DMPs, and 100+ data sources. Data engineers can then leverage Quaero to source, conform and aggregate data. Marketers can create complex and nested segmentations to orchestrate and measure multi-channel marketing strategies across paid media and owned channels.

Use Cases:

1) Measure consumer RFM (recency, frequency and value) in order to retain high value consumers, and identify marketing opportunities to move medium value consumers to high value through personalized communication and content

2) Create marketing segments enriched with additional sources (demographic, attitudinal, affinity, etc), for increased onboarding match rates into paid media channels

3) Match anonymous visitors to known profile based on strong identity resolution algorithm

4) Enable marketing and communication touches across channels, based on user-based event and/or attribute update in near real time

5) Govern your customer data with advanced, visual lineage-based ETL functions across your data pipeline

6) Design and implement your own data models all within the same interface where marketer’s can activate on those models


About the Provider:

Quaero is a world-class data management and analytics company and the creator of the industry’s leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP).

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