Qonsent: Qonsent for Publishers

Qonsent allows publishers to collect first party data from their O/O experiences in a privacy compliant way..


Qonsent can integrate with most media campaigns across any customer touch point. The solution can be included in mobile, web, CTV, linear TV, and even out of home. Qonsent will help publishers move past the cookie and into a direct relationship with consumers.

Expected Workflow
1. Contact Qonsent Sales Team
2. Document use cases to deploy Qonsent
3. Establish technical connectivity via Snowflake
4. Launch creatives, QR codes, and other media driven assets
5. Consumers interact and give consent for data usage
6. Qonsent will make the data available to the brand in a Snowflake shared environment

About the Provider:

Qonsent, the first data privacy enablement and engagement platform built for consumers, enables brands to build a trusted and ethical relationship with consumers by creating a new set of data tools.

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