Pricemoov: Price Optimization and Management Solution

Combining multiple data sources to compute the right price at any moment.


Pricemoov is a price management platform that uses AI technologies to always find the right price.

We combine:
– a very easy-to-use pricing software to pilot and control your prices across all your organization and channels
– an agile data science technology that continuously analyzes all the relevant data to assist in decision making and to save time in analysis

Having worked with many industries, we created a solution suited for any business: eCommerce, Retail, Tourism, B2B…for companies of various sizes and pricing maturity levels.

Pricemoov is the fastest solution to switch to smart pricing and unlock all your revenue potential.

Data we Leverage:
According to the specificities of your business and your needs in pricing, Pricemoov integrates multiple data sources to help you optimize your pricing strategy, pilot your prices in real time, and analyze their performances seamlessly.

We can leverage data from within your organization (e.g. costs, sales, inventory, website traffic, etc.) and from external sources, such as scanning competitors, leveraging seasonality, or forecasting market evolution. Our algorithms analyze consumer behavior, forecast demand, and compute the right price at any moment.

Expected Workflow:
– Click “Request Data” on the Snowflake Data Marketplace Pricemoov page
– A Pricemoov representative will reach out
– Discuss business needs, potential solutions, applicable data sources, etc.
– Your Pricemoov representative will accompany you in the following steps adapted to the situation of your company to enable the sharing of your enhanced data and analytics via Snowflake


About the Provider:

Pricemoov provides pricing management and optimization solutions to support companies in their strategy by using actionable price levers. Combining deep domain expertise in pricing with cutting-edge data technology in an intuitive solution, Pricemoov empowers both back-office price management and front-line intelligence features designed for sales teams. The solution is evolutive and scalable, ready to adapt to various company needs at different maturity levels.

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